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Greg Truta greg at gregorytruta.com
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Hello Everyone,


Just quick note that the Estes Park Weather Report mailing list will resume
being sent daily starting on 1/22. I am sorry for the long delay in getting
this back up and running. There were several reasons for the delay. 


I was not able to upgrade to the most current version of Mailman 3.1 but the
most up to date version of Mailman 2.1 has been reenabled on the new
webhosting provider. It is quite old but works well and is secure. The
conclusion to this is that I had to change hosting providers to be able to
utilize a mailing list software solution that works with my weather specific
html programming.  At the bottom of every email from the mailing list is a
link to maintain your subscription:


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I plan on sending the Weather Report mailing list out 2 times a day (morning
and evening). If you prefer to receive the email in morning only, please let
me know. I am considering creating a 2nd version of the mailing list that
only sends in the morning (1 time a day).  Please email me if interested in
this at Gregory at estesparkweather.net <mailto:Gregory at estesparkweather.net>
- Note: Do not reply to this email as it will bounce back to you.


I wanted to again thank all those who donated over the past month. I
received several donations for the equipment and other hosting costs I have
incurred thus far. As I mentioned further website design enhancements are
being planned for the future. 


Thank you,




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